Friday, July 11, 2008

Pavo Socks

Here it is! My first major Pattern. squee!

Introducing Pavo Socks:

$3.50 download

Socks knit with fingering weight yarn (approx. 400 yards) on 2 circular needles (size 1.5).

Toe-Up construction with a traditional heel flap.

Peacock Plumes lace pattern on leg and instep.
(Pavo is the scientific genus of Peacocks, so I thought the name fit!)

Techniques used: toe up cast on, left and right leaning increases, and a stretchy 1x1 rib bind off, like Kitchener Rib Bind Off.

The lace is slightly off center, so the pattern includes charts to mirror image your second sock, if desired.

Charts and fully written out lace pattern included.


Connie said...

These are very pretty! Would you say a beginning sock knitter could knit these?

Heather said...

Well, I think they're a tad bit complicated for an absolute beginning sock knitter to attempt. It depends on how fearless the knitter is! They're toe-up, which can be a little difficult for beginners to try, but the lace pattern isn't too complicated (although there is some moving of stitch markers on the leg part).

Jenny said...

I'm fearless! Those are beautiful!

doreen said...

These are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing! Maybe one day I'll be fearless. . .

Janet Richards said...

Heather - these turned out beautiful!!!!!!! Great job!