Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Camping, Frog pond, and a Capelet

We took our new camper for a spin at Morrow Mountain this last weekend. Here it is:

It's so much more roomy inside than our other one. We love it!
(And we were so excited to find out that the park had added electric to some of their campsites, woo hoo! That means we can camp there over the summer and be able to run our air conditioner! Now if they would just take reservations it'd be our absolute favorite park!)

And immediately after getting it set up we were graced by some lovely deer walking right by us! (Then right before we left on Sunday a group of about 8 walked right by us again.)

Speaking of deer, DS was watching Bambi the other day, and was loving the bits with Thumper - I was able to catch a photo of a real smile (it's so hard to get either DS to give me a true smile in a photo!)

Over the weekend they were having a Revolutionary War camp at the park - we got to see a musket demonstration - it was really neat! I learned quite a few things - for instance, did you know that the civilian militia members wore their own clothes (no blue uniforms here! that's just a myth - most of them wore white - dyes were too expensive) and the riflemen brought their own guns as well. I did not know that the flints only lasted for about 15 shots before they had to be re-flocked, and then had to be replaced after a few times of re-flocking. I just figured the flints lasted forever. The riflemen had to make their own bullets, too, since the rifles were all custom sizes - so they were given hunks of lead to make their own bullets. Anyway, I found it very interesting. :-) I was able to snap a photo of them firing:

On the knitting front, I'm to the cuff on sock #2 of my Entrelac Socks. And I've frogged sock #1 down to the heel, so I can re-knit it to fit better. (Oh the agony of the frog pond! I started ripping it whilst at the Tuesday night Charlotte Purls gathering, and I could feel the ladies around me holding their breath! ;-) - but I think (hope!) it'll turn out OK - at least it should fit better - if I don't drop any stitches that is!)
Sock #1 wasn't going on over my heel, so I'm switching to 7 stitch blocks immediately after the heel to add some ease. Sock #2 is fitting much better as a consequence, so my OCD is making me redo sock#1 to fit as well. :-)

And I finished my Purls KAL Capelet a little while ago. Here's a photo Stacey snapped of me a couple Saturdays ago at Charlotte Purls: I've also spun up some squishy Merino/silk blend yarn to do Tudora with (I hope it's not too bulky to do this pattern!)

Well, that's it for now - sorry for the long post! :-)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I met The Yarn Harlot!!!

Yipee! I met her at the Charlotte book signing:

What a funny gal! I had a blast! And The Charlotte Purls were out in force!

I walked in the JDRF Walk for a Cure this morning. (I ended up raising $200 - yeah! Thanks to everybody who donated!) The rain held out till we were done walking, which was great! Here's the crowd (pic taken by Team member Denise):

I recently finished the hat I was knitting for my son with the handspun yarns I spun on my wheel:

He loves it, even though it is big enough for his Daddy to wear it if he wanted to. That just means it'll fit him for forever, right?

And we picked up our new camper this afternoon (I know we were supposed to get it last weekend - long story). We'll probably pop it up tomorrow and load all the crap we took out of our old camper into the new one. ;-) (You know, all the crap that is currently sitting in our foyer, that has been sitting there for 2 weeks.... that crap.) To be honest, it's not really crap, I just can't stand to have stuff blocking our foyer, KWIM?

I went to Atlanta with the boys to see my Mom, whose on spring break (my Grandma was visiting as well, so I got to see her too). The boys always love seeing Grandma and "Papa". Here's a cute pic of my Mom with William:

Well, that's it for now - I'm still exhausted from my Atlanta trip, so I'm for bed early again tonight.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Is there a weight on my chest?

So, we've been having trouble with Joseph staying in bed at night. He and William share a room - and since William needs access to the bathroom at night, we don't lock the door. He constantly gets out and wanders downstairs. We repremand him (aka spanking) and put him back in bed, lather rinse repeat, until he finally stays put and falls asleep. I'm sure it's a stage - he's enthralled with the fact that he can get out of his bed and his room at will. But it's very frustrating.

So anyways, last night we do the same routime as usual. During the whole Joseph issue, William is fast asleep. Then, when we go up to bed ourselves later we peek in on the boys to see how they are. And HERE is the picture we are presented with:

Both boys out like a light. I am so surprised that William didn't wake up and tell Joseph to get the heck off of him! We had quite a laugh.

On the knitting front, I finished sock #1 of my Entrelac Socks:
And I'm on sock #2 right now. It's slow going, since it's competing for my knitting time with a gazillion other projects! :-)

I'm about 10 minutes away from completing my Capelet - I'll have pics later once it's done.

And, I finished these two purses for the craft fair coming up:

They're just waiting on buttons. I lined both of them too.

And, here's some spinning I've gotten done:

This is a three ply Corridale/ Bamboo mix (two plies of purple wool, and one ply of grey bamboo). It worked out to a good fingering weight - I'm very happy with it.

And a very similar:

This is the same wool as the other yarn, just worked as a two ply without the bamboo ply. It worked out to a light fingering weight. I may try to sell this at the craft fair, we'll see how I feel.

We're picking up a new camper on Saturday - we're so excited! We've traded in our pop-up for a newer model. This one has a slide out dinette area, so we gain some floor space, and it has a sofa, so we gain some seating as well. Here's the model we're getting, isn't it pretty?!

That's it for now!