Monday, September 21, 2009

I Passed Level I!!!

I got my Master Knitter binder back a few day ago - and I passed!! (I needed to re-submit the pattern for swatch 15, but I was able to do that via email.) I'm just floored that I didn't need to re-do any of my swatches. I was convinced that a few of them were not worthy. We're always so much harder on ourselves, aren't we?? My acceptance letter has so many wonderful compliments on my work, and several helpful hints for improvement. I can't help smiling! :-)

The Level II instructions are already ordered! Onward and upward!!

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Jane Prater said...

Hooray. I know how excited you feel. Of course, there was no doubt that you would pass. I know your letter was super encouraging. They are always that way. We will need to discuss the Level 2 stuff.