Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Heart Socks Done!

Here are my Ravelry: SKA Sockdown! January Mystery Socks. Designed by Sara Morris (aka fyberduck for you Ravelers).

Aren't those fab?

My Mom loves her Tunic, btw! I don't have a photo of her in it yet, but she says it fits - yipee!

I'm in the middle of spinning some yummy purple Corridale roving. I have some Dark Grey Black Diamond Bamboo roving that I'm going to spin and ply with it. I'm spinning the Corridale very thin so I can do a three ply with two plys of it and one ply of the bamboo - and hopefully still end up with a fingering weight yarn. I want to make socks from this stuff!!

I started a hat for DS#1 with my other handspun - I'll have pics later.

Still working on my Monkeys - now that I finished the Mystery Socks I can get busy on my Hawaiian Monkeys! (Hawaiian because the yarn came from MauiYarns in Hawaii!! :-)) Here's the progress on those so far (sorry the light is horrible!):

Anyway, that's it for now!


Jen said...

The heart that the heel makes is so cool. I might need some of those!

Aura said...

Are you keeping these for yourself? They are beautiful and I'm sure you learned lots making them. Your boys are beautiful.